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Matthew Thomas Miller

Assistant Professor of Persian Literature and Digital Humanities at Roshan Institute for Persian Studies, University of Maryland, College Park

Course: Introduction to Persian Literature in Translations

Introduction to Persian Literature in Translation, taught by Matthew Thomas Miller [Note: First taught in Spring 2015, revised Fall 2017]

Introduction to Persian Literature in Translation aims to provide the student with a general introduction to the (New) Persian literary tradition, beginning with the Book of Kings (Shah-Nameh) (composed in the late 10th/early 11th century) and concluding with the “New Poetry” (she’r-e now), modern novels, and other emerging textual forms (e.g., slam poetry) of twentieth and twenty-first century Iran. It requires no knowledge of the Persian language or prior course work in Persian literature. Through close readings of works by many of the most important authors in Persian literature and a limited number of secondary studies, the student will come to be acquainted with the basic contours of the Persian literary tradition, including its principal generic forms and important historical transformations. Students will also have the opportunity to engage in their own independent research on several topics of their own choice related to Persian literature (in consultation with the instructor), which they will report on in the form of a class presentation and final project.

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